Sports, Culture & Event Management FT
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Sports, Culture & Event Management FT

Bachelor's degree program

Profile of the Program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

Based on the principles of business administration and economics, this degree program offers a sound education in the sports and cultural sciences as well as in sports, culture and event management. The combination of theoretical and practical elements in the curriculum encourages students to think and act analytically, innovatively and creatively.


  • Full-time degree program with semester abroad at one of more than 215 partner universities
  • Practice-focused degree program with very good career prospects
  • Tailored qualifications for the up-and-coming sectors of sports, culture and event management
  • Strong involvement of business thanks to projects and visiting tutors

Vocational fields

  • Sports management: sports event agencies, sports marketing and sports communication agencies, sports consultancy firms, sports merchandise industry and retail businesses.
  • Culture management: exhibition centers, public/private galleries, theaters, stages, opera houses and concert halls, cultural institutes, associations, cultural funding institutions, publishers, socio-cultural centers, artist agencies.
  • Event management: event agencies, exhibition and convention agencies, organizing committees of major sports & cultural events, marketing departments, media corporations.

Study through the Kufstein Approach

In this degree program, students acquire knowledge in business administration, expertise in the sports and cultural sciences as well as special skills in management. With respect to the Kufstein Approach, the elements of the curriculum are not strung together in an additive sense, but rather are connected in a highly integrative way. In terms of this interdisciplinary perspective, the different conditions and structural requirements pertaining to the management of sports and cultural enterprises are identified and discussed.

Applied learning and internationality

An interesting feature of the program is that students are challenged to put theory into practice by means of integrative case studies and projects carried out in cooperation with partners in the fields of science, sports and culture. Students also develop a strong international orientation by attending a number of major courses held in English and by studying a second foreign language. Thus the degree program aims to meet the specific professional demands made by the sports, culture and event industries. Developing and implementing innovative event concepts. Arousing emotions and inspiring people. This is what fascinates me most.

The program’s focus on marketing and communications management as well as on multimedia is just one of the aspects that makes it so unique. An internship of at least 12,5 weeks allows students to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired from the program.

Recognition of prior learning

Students have the opportunity to have courses credited to them with previously acquired competencies before the start of the respective semester. The crediting is done by an application directly to the director of studies. 



6 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)

Language of instruction

75 % German, 25 % English

Semester abroad

Organized semester abroad in the 5th semester, internship in the 6th semester (also possible abroad)


Euro 363.36* (excl. Student Union-fees) each semester

Organisational form


Places per year


* Information for third country students 
** Travel expenses for the semester abroad are to be covered by the students themselves or are supported by a grant.

Admission requirements:

Level of qualification:
first cycle, bachelor